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Sirna's Farm & Market

Sirna’s Farm and Market (SFM) is owned by Craig & Anne Marie Sirna, first generation farmers who moved to their Auburn Township homestead in 1997. The Sirna family has been managing the land for 25 years in varying capacities at 19009 Ravenna Road. The farm is managed by their eldest daughter, Kristen Sirna, who took over growing operations and the farm market in 2019. Craig Sirna manages the livestock, commodity and large acreage crops and Anne Marie manages the event space and oversees the operations. Other family members, Anthony (oldest son) and Kaitlyn (youngest daughter) assist as needed in other capacities, but have a more irregular role in the family endeavor. Sirna's Farm & Market's values are rooted in a deep appreciation for the community of Geauga County – honoring both the land and the people. Land stewardship with a keen eye towards sustainable growing practices and animal wellbeing are key components to Sirna’s approach to production from intentional rotational grazing of the cattle to beneficial insects used in lieu of pesticides. An additional value is honoring the people of our community by providing access to fresh, high quality produce and products, from our own farm or other local businesses, alongside our deep desire to connect and collaborate within the community to bring education into our local food system.

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