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Bridge Creek Farm


Dave and Peg Button are the 5th generation of Button’s to call Bridge Creek Farm, home.


Dave’s paternal great-grandfather, A.E Button, bought the farm in the 1870s, and the house, which was built in 1846, served as a general store and post office for Auburn community for many years.


The barn was built in 1894 by Dave’s great grandfather who died of pneumonia at age 32 before it was finished. Neighbors chipped in to help complete the project.


Through the early years the barn housed milk cows, chickens, pigs, and work horses as several generations of the family ran a dairy farm. The land was used to grow crops for the animals as well as potatoes to sell in town.


In the early 60’s Dave and his father, Don Button, purchased their first polled shorthorn cows from New York and raised them to buy and sell as a hobby. Dave continues to raise shorthorn on the farm.


Dave and Peg moved into the farmhouse in 1988 with their young daughter Erin and began to renovate it, inside and out.


Four years later their daughter Brittany was born, and with the help and expertise of Dave’s father who was an electrician, plumber, and carpenter, the house renovation of 15 years was finished.


In August 2021, Erin was married on the farm, with the barn as a perfect backdrop for the ceremony.


Peg’s interest in repurposing and recycling items from the farm, as well as her love and appreciation of the beautiful barn on their property, prompted her to gather a small group of talented and like-minded artists to have an art show and sale in the barn.


Since that first show in 2013, Art In The Barn has grown to include 20 artists and vendors, with many of the original “Shop Girls” still participating.


Known for being “Always handmade, always one of a kind”, Art In The Barn offers a unique and exciting selection of repurposed and handmade items including furniture, garden art and accessories, jewelry, and much more.


 June 2023 celebrated the 10th Annual Art In The Barn!

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