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Auburn Acres

In November 2012, Shari and Jeff Bailey purchased a small farm with a house, a barn and two other buildings. They were all built in 1842.  They renovated the house, along with their daughters and other family members, for 6 months before they moved in.  This farm is their home.  Jeff, who is an arborist and been in plant health care for over 30 years, would move his business to the Barn.   


Soon, Jeff became interested in home brewing.  His knowledge and interest in plants led him to plant a few hops near the barn.  This began the path of learning more about growing hops!  He started attending conferences held by the Ohio State University in conjunction with the Ohio Hop Growers Guild.   In the Fall of 2017, they took a leap of faith and Auburn Acres Hop Farm was born!  They started with a 1/2 acre and 600 plants.  Ultimately, they will expand to have a total of 1 1/4 acres of hops. They Bailey's are members of the Ohio Hop Growers Guild and just obtained their Ohio Proud certification! 

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Not only does Auburn Acres have a wonderful Hopyard, they have a century barn that has

been turned into a beautiful event space. Give them a call for more information!


Auburn Acres LLC

Shari and Jeff Bailey

10638 Taylor May Road

Auburn, Ohio 44023

Shari 216.470.5035

Jeff 440.543.0809

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